Luthiers and Guitarists

This page is dedicated to the various travels I have undertaken over the last 25 years to meet the some of the top luthiers and performing artist from around the world. I have had the chance to play and study some of the top guitars from around the world which have had and influence on me as a luthier.

I have been fortunate to meet such outstanding Luthiers as Daniel Friederich, Dominique Field, Jeffrey Elliot, Robert Ruck, Dake Traphagen, Gregory Byers, Paul Fischer, Gary Southwell, Yuichi Imai, Greg Smallman, not to mention Richard Howell who started it all for me, plus many more.

I have included images of my Artist in residency at the Cite International des Art in Paris, in 2002, during which time I visited Charles Besnainou at the University of Paris’ to see his research into musical instrument acoustics. It was at this time I visited the Paris Museum of musical instruments and had the opportunity to study in detail a Robert Bouchet guitar.


Images to be uploaded shortly…